​Permanent Makeup Classes

If you are interested in our cosmetic tattoo licensing check out the course syllabus below! We can get you started on your microblading certification fast.

Introduction to Permanent Makeup

The History, Benefits, Opportunity and Responsibility of licensing requirements and taxes along with managing a salon.


An overview of personal Safety when handling needles and specific requirements for storage, needle stick procedure and understanding of Blood spill procedure for the technician.

Blood Bourne Pathogen Standard

The student will gain the understanding how to protect self and others ethically with the use of Universal precautions and vaccinations

Infection Control

Regulation and the impact of sterilization procedures to prevent infectious organisms in the workplace.

Hepatitis A-C

Symptoms and Treatment and Hepatitis B. Vaccination and compliance with the local health department

Sanitation/Disinfection and Sterilization

Protocol for decontamination and sterilization techniques for pre and post procedure and safe handling of chemical agents.

Hand washing

When, why and how to wash hands properly.


Proper fit and different options of types of gloves to choose from.


Basic building block for an understanding of facial skin, its appendages, functions as well as bones, muscles nerves and common conditions and diseases of the skin.

Color Theory

How to choose the right color for your client.


Communication from beginning to end.

Professional Standards

A review of Ethical Practices, consultation and satisfaction for you and client. Follow up, touch ups with protocols as well as personal appearance.

Machines and Devices Coil machine, Rotary and digital devices and Soft tap hand held device.


Ingredients, application of and different types for pre procedure and during procedure.


Needle grouping and type of application for each.

Lines and shading

Knowledge of types of application of permanent make up and how to get a good result.

Permanent Cosmetic Make up review

All Forms needed and recordkeeping responsibilities, Client safety and sanitation. Pre and post service protocol and table set up review.

Virginia Tattooing Laws and regulations

Review of everything to know about becoming a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist.

Eyebrows/Eyeliner/Lip liner and Lip color

Students will do a total of 50 Practical procedures during theory and practical hours.

Final Examination:

Each student is required to take a written final Exam and A Practical Final Exam. Once this is done the student may then register to take the Virginia State exam.

If you are interested in our permanent makeup classes or seeking to further your education in microblading, call Virginia Permanent Makeup Institute in Virginia Beach, VA, for more information.