Permanent Cosmetics Certification

Our microblading certification school does not discriminate in its employment, admission, instruction, or graduation policies on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, or ethnic origin nor does it recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering similar programs of study. So, if you are interested in our permanent cosmetic classes and are seeking a certification, our school requires that each student enrolling in the permanent makeup course:

1. Provide proof of secondary education such as a high school diploma, a GED certificate, an official transcript showing secondary school completion, or a state certification of home-school completion.

Should an enrolling student provide a foreign high school diploma, the institution will confirm that the education received is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma. This documentation must come from an outside agency.

2. Provide documentation of satisfactory completion of Health Education on bloodbourne disease.

3. Discuss with the Institute the Hepatitis B vaccination and requirement to the Health Department.

Transfer of credits/Credit for experience

Virginia Permanent Makeup Institute Virginia Permanent Makeup Institute does not give credit for experience and does not receive credits from another state unless an accredited institution provides a verifiable transcript.

If you are looking for a school to get your permanent cosmetics certification, call Virginia Permanent Makeup Institute in Virginia Beach, VA.